Getting Started with the Woojer Strap Edge

Getting Started with the Woojer Strap Edge

Ready to join us and FEEL the future?

This short video will help you get your Woojer Strap Edge up and running!

To learn more about wireless Bluetooth connectivity, please refer to the following article:

Here are some more connection options:
USB-C to PC:
3.5mm to PC:
Oculus Quest:

Check out the Strap calibration video!
Once calibrated, you must try out our Woojer Edge Demo!

We’ve also created some playlists for you to get the hang of Woojering:
Woojer Edge Ultimate Playlist –
Modern Electronic Playlist –
Film & Game Trailers Playlist –

Learn more:
#Woojer #BornToFeel #AllTheFeelsand FEEL the future?

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